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Our Integral Architecture Program-IAP courses have started in the end of 2015. 

Prior to that, the training given in separate titles as 

-Architectural Modeling with Rhino3D, (15 hours)

-Parametric Modeling with Grasshopper (15 hours)                                                                                   

-Visualization with Vray for Rhino3D was added to the animation with Bongo 3D (6 hours)

and then collected in "single line" called IAPC. (36 Hours)

The courses, which started in 2009 as separate titles,

were collected on a "single line" called IAPC at the end of 2015. 

Thus, in a single program, 2D and 3D can be modeled 

*without entering into data exchange with any other program 

*and without any loss of this data exchange, 

*transforming it into parametric or already parametrically starting, 


*visualization and animation outputs; 

The necessary information can be organized in a single program interface at all stages 

-to bring an architectural project

from a point to the reality.

This course  is intented for students and practitioners in the architectural industry. 

IAPC is a comprehensive education of modelling, analysing, parametric modelling.

Apart from that, it has tools for

-outputting technical drawings (with rhino 3D and Grasshopper 3D) ,

-rendered images (with Rhino 3D and Vray for Rhino) 

-and animations (with Rhino 3D and Bongo 3D...)

The main properties of IAPC are

-funny and friendly educational process

-software oriented approachs to modelling

-step by step


-a comprehensive set of modelling, parametric modelling, rendering and animating...

What is it? 

Architectural modelling course

with accommodation and city tour

and free educational material

When is it out? 

July 2017 at the earliest

What will it cost? 


Duration: 8 Days

6 Days Lessons (36 hours)

2 Days City Tour (Architectural Spaces)

Place: Istanbul, Turkey

-Each students receives the IAC Video Set as part of attending this course. (Free)

-Tour of the important "architectural space of Istanbul", (2 Days - Free)

*Süleymaniye Mosque,

*Basilica Cistern

*Hagia Sophia etc…

-Temporary accommodation for the duration of the IAPC (Free)

-The Geometrical Backrounds of IAP

-Strategic Managment Approach

-Educational Backround

(Articles may be Soon in English)

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