Integral Architecture Program-IAP-Video Set

"Rises the day arevolt"

Rhinoceros, also known Rhino 3D, is a 3D Surface modelling application and NURBS modelling. NURBS surfaces represent 3D free-form objects required a set of curve frameworks. Grasshopper 3D is  a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino’s 3D modeling tools. (Parametrical approach)V-Ray for Rhino lets you render the highest quality images possible. 

This set is intented for students and practitioners in the architectural industry. IAP is a comprehensive set of modelling, analysing, parametric modelling.

Apart from that, it has tools for

-outputting technical drawings (with rhino 3D and Grasshopper 3D) ,

-rendered images (with Rhino 3D and Vray for Rhino) 

-and animations (with Rhino 3D and Bongo 3D...)

The main properties of IAP are

-software oriented approachs to modelling

-step by step


-a comprehensive set of modelling, parametric modelling, rendering and animating...

What is it? 

Educational DVDs  Set

When is it out? 

July 2017 at the earliest

What will it cost? 


This set called IAP contain four DVDs.

-Modelling with Rhino 3D

-Architectural Modelling with Rhino 3D

-Parametric Modelling with Grasshopper 3D

-Render With VRay for Rhino

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